Instructions for Building a CN 598xxx Series 60' Paper Service Boxcar

by: Dave Lisabeth

To make a CN 598xxx series boxcar, you’ll need one MDC 3620 kit (50’ plug door) and one 1930 kit (50’ 1 ½ door). Begin by removing the plug door from the 3620. Make cuts starting on the roof along the straight rib staying to the outside, then down along the edge of the door. Save the ends, sand cuts to square up the end sections. The door stops and bottom door track need to be removed at this time. On the 1930 kit, the plug door / sliding door plus two panels and a rib to the right of the sliding door are needed. Again, make cuts on the roof along the straight rib staying to the outside, then down along the plug door and down along the outside rib of the second panel. Sand and square up the door section. After all 3 sections are sanded and squared, glue the sections together using styrene strips inside for support. Putty and sand seams as needed. New door stops for the plug door need to be made from styrene. Door tracks need to be extended using styrene matching the existing tracks from the 1930 kit. A new side sill will be needed. Remove the sides along the bottom of the door track and make a new side sill from styrene. Add a piece of styrene behind the sill of the car to add support and cut it wide enough to support the floor section as well. Taper the ends of the new side sill to match the prototype. Three floor sections are cut from the kits to fill the car. Glue the weight to the new floor. After primer coat, paint car body with Scalecoat’s new 100-11 CN Red #12. Paint the Roof Aluminum and finish with Highball Graphics Decal set # F-209Happy Modeling!!

Prototype Photos

Please see Mike Rose’s article in the August 1996 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman for more info and prototype pictures.

These instructions will also be included with each decal set.