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Set # F-177 NSC 4 Bay Cylindrical Hoppers

Set# F-199 Ballast Hoppers


Flat Cars

Set # F-168 for Flat and MDC Style Bulkhead Flats

Set # F-192 603000/604000 Series 55' Bulkhead Flats (also will do DW&P 607/608000 series)




Set# F-209 60' Lumber Box 598xxx Series

Click Here for Instructions on how to build this car.


Set# F-240 & F-241 Expo 86 Boxcars



Set# L-129 CN/GTW Operation Lifesaver GP-40 #6401


Set# L-132 GEC Alsthom SD-40-3's

GEC Alsthom of Canada rebuilt several ex CN SD-40's into SD-40-3's. These units were in turn leased back to CN.


Set# L-163 CN/GTW SD-40-3's

Set# L-164 CN/IC Dash8-40CW


TEST Train

Set# F-210


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