TC Series Decals

This series of decals will be for Private Owner and Leasing Company Tank Cars only.

These decals are Screen Printed in HO Scale only.

TC-1 TILX 25K Gallon Tank - Black w/White Lettering $4.00

TC-2 RCRX 20K Gallon Acid Tank - White w/Black Lettering $4.00


Dupont (TILX) 20K Gal Tank for Non-Flammable Compressed Gas White & Blue carbody with Red, White and Black Lettering $4.00

TC-4 Exxon-Mobil (XOMX) 28K Gal Tank - Black w/ White Lettering $4.00

TC-5 TILX 15K Gal Tank for Molten Sulfur - Black w/ White Lettering $4.00

More Coming Soon! 

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