SLOR Spring 2015 Meet 

June 13, 2015

I'd like to thank all of those that attended our 2015 Spring Meet. We had 4 Steam Locos show up along with other assorted diesels and motorcars. Everybody had a great time and we'll definitely do it again in the Fall.


Getting things steamed up.

Bob Dewachter Brought is Buro Crane that actually works and is self propelled. Really neat!

Larry Urbanski's 44 Tonner

Jim Mardiguian's Mercer 0-4-0

Cory Fothergill Taking a break from running the big trains to come play with the little ones.

Ed's Forney

Roland Goslin's GE 25 Tonner

John Bundza running Bob's Camelback.

Steve Landry with Rolands Loco

Jeremy & Larry Doubleheading

A Heard of Camels!

Pics Below Taken by Ronald Pelletier

Jeremy's Custom Covers.

My Baby :-)

Just before the crash! (Not Realy)


Joe had to do some track tweeking

Dwight Winkley Brought his Motor cars

Joe is thinking "I can't wait until my Consolidation is finished!!"

Jeremy on the move

Steve and Kathy Landry on their GF 25 tonner

I split the switch at 3/4 throttle. 14 cars pushed me to a stop. What a ride!

Luckily she stayed upright.

Jeremy didn't go without his problems either. The sideframe Casting broke.

Loaded it onto my Flatcar and took it back to the shop. Swapped out the truck for a spare and she was back on the road.

My other baby.

This shows all but 1 of my cars

End of the day Blowdown.

Below Photos by Dick Glueck

Jim Mardiguian's Camel

Bob DeWachter's Camel

Dick Glueck's Camel