First Invitational Meet 

October 12, 2013

Today we had the first of hopefully many Annual Invitational Meets at our home track in Silver Lake, NH. The morning Dawned a little foggy with a nice little nip in the air. It stayed around 60 for the day and the sun never showed itself.  I had invited quite a few people and we had a good turnout. We had 5 Locomotives show up. 2 Steam and 3 Diesel. Plus a lot of friends and Family.

Mike McClure from Railroad Supply Co. brought up his American.

This little beauty belongs to Dick Glueck. Dick, his wife Carole Ann and their dog Aurora made the trip over from Downeast Maine.

CN 2309 and 9652 Wait for their assignment.

Cory and Cathie head out on the main with 1278.

One thing I wanted to do was double head the 2 steamers but got so busy I totally forgot. Maybe next time.

One thing these engines are lacking is a good cup holder!

(L to R) Jim Ash, Jeremy Gay and Dick Glueck.

Jeremy's Baby!

John & Liz brought their little Plum Cove Boxcab.

Steve and Kathy brought their Railroad Supply 25 Tonner.

All the kids had a blast riding the trains.

Tom & Karin have their own Locomotive but it is undergoing repairs so they took mine out for a spin.

All in all everybody had a great time so I consider this first meet a success. A big thanks to my wife Sandy and Dawn Fox for taking care of the food and drinks. Weather could have been a bit better but in New England you take what you can get. Thanks to everybody that attended.

Check out the link below for Videos from the day put together by Dick Glueck.