Silver Lake & Ossipee RR   

Owned by Jim & Sandra Abbott / Highball Graphics

This page last updated 8/20/18

The Silver Lake & Ossipee RR is a 1/8" scale ride on "Backyard" Railroad Located in Silver Lake, NH. The concept started years ago in 1999 when I purchased my house lot. It's a little over 2 acres in size in a pentagon shape. It's all flat with sandy soil so drainage is very good. After the plans laying dormant for quite a few years, construction finally began in the Spring of 2010. 

Please note that this is a privately owned track. It is not open to the public. Although anybody that is in the hobby or is interested in getting into it you are welcome to come visit. Email: [email protected]  or give us a call: 603-367-8637.

Scale 1.6"=1 foot

Gauge: 7.25"

Rail: 1" Tall (Railroad Supply) West Rail 

Ties: 1.5" PT Baluster Stock

Minimum Radius: 45'

Minimum Turnout: #6

Construction Photos:   

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