Will do 12 windows in HO Scale

Adjustable to any size window. Just overlay the straight areas.

Before & After Model By Mike Confalone


One of the most distinctive details on the D&H Alcos of the mid-80s (and stuff today as well) seems to be the enhanced window gasket material. They really stood out on the D&H 420s, 424s and low-nose RS11s and 36s. Iím modeling spring 1985, and it seems like most of them had this feature. Iíve wanted to do this for a long time because no matter how good a weathering job you do, if left undone, the ďfaceĒ of the Centurys just falls flat without the windows if you are modeling in that era. Iím not 100% sure why they had this, but I suspect it had to do with the FRA Glazing requirements? I found a PDF about it on-line and copied this little piece:

Compliance Date
Existing Locomotives

Except for yard locomotives and locomotives equipped as described in the previous slide, locomotives built or rebuilt prior to July 1, 1980, shall be equipped with Certified Glazing in all locomotive cab windows after June 30, 1984.

- Mike Confalone, Allagash Railway